Founded in 1982, J.O. Corporation is a member of Panion Group. Panion group includes Sun Ten Pharmaceutical Co., a well-known scientific Chinese medicine brand, and Panion & BF Biotech Inc., a listed company with successful business in the field of western medicine and medical cosmetology.

As a member of a comprehensive medical group, J.O. Corporation specializes in the field of medical device, especially in orthopedic related products. J.O. Corporation started as an agent of internationally well-known orthopedic medical device brands. Over the years, it has introduced new knowledge, new technology and innovative medical devices to help Taiwan medical care grow and meet international standards.

In the 1990s, J.O. Corporation laid a solid foundation in the orthopedic industry through its top-selling joint products in the Taiwanese market. In response to the changes in the field both internationally and locally, J.O. Corporation acquired equipment and plants, and transformed from agent sales to research, development and production of orthopedic medical device.

For 40 years, J.O. Corporation has consistently developed new technologies and provided the best products on the market so that medical professionals and patients can experience the highest quality.