Partnered with J.O
We continues to work with and act as the sales agent for quality medical device companies worldwide.


 [Stable Operation]

For 40 years, J.O. Corporation has been a leading company with a great reputation and a long history in the Taiwanese medical device market. In addition to developing and manufacturing its own brand of orthopedic products, J.O. Corporation continues to work with and act as the sales agent for quality medical device companies around the world.


[Solid Financial Foundation]

J.O. Corporation is a part of the Panion Group family, along with Panion & BF Biotech Inc, a listed company, and Sun Ten Pharmaceutical Co., a well-known Chinese medicine brand. J.O. Corporation has achieved continuous growth and gained steady profits through the balance of agent sales, production and research and development. J.O. Corporation currently has offices in Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung.


[Trustworthy Partner]

Since its establishment, J.O. Corporation has continuously introduced the most advanced and high-quality products into the Taiwanese medical field, while striving to keep the Taiwanese medical community up-to-date with the latest technology. Over the past 40 years, J.O. Corporation has established and maintained a great relationship with the medical science and academic communities and is considered  a trusted long-term partner by both major medical centers and local clinics in Taiwan.


[Experience Collaborator]

J.O. Corporation has rich experience, vast resources, and a wealth of expertise in multinational collaboration. To date, J.O. Corporation works with many world-renowned medical device brands. J.O. Corporation has decades of experience as a sales agent of orthopedic medical devices. Additionally, we acquired Pacific Health Care in 1994. Pacific Health Care is a subsidiary of the British trading company Jardine Matheson, which  is responsible for the sales of medical equipment in Taiwan. J.O. Corporation also established Bard Pacific Health Care as a joint venture company with U.S. based medical device company C.R. Bard in 1997.